R.R. Donnelley ready to deliver if USPS doesn’t

If Congress decides to allow private delivery of newspapers and magazines on Sundays, the nation’s largest printing company is ready to step in.

“We are looking at alternative delivery methods for content, for physical content,” Thomas J. Quinlan, CEO of R.R. Donnelley, told financial analysts this week. (SeekingAlpha has the complete transcript.) “With the platform that we’ve built . . . with the addition of [recently acquired competitor] Consolidated Graphics, we’ve got the ability to be in the majority of populated cities in the United States.”

Thomas J. Quinlan

Quinlan expressed interest in the recent proposal by influential Congressman Darrell Issa, R-CA, that would “permit periodicals, newspapers and unstamped mail to be placed in mailboxes on days when the Postal Service does not provide mail delivery.” Current law gives the U.S. Postal Service a monopoly on delivery to mailboxes.

Issa’s proposal, especially if coupled with curtailment of Saturday USPS delivery, “creates an opportunity for us,” Quinlan declared.

“It’s all about our customers and how can we reduce their overall total cost, make them more efficient,” he said. The Postal Service’s recent price hikes and reductions in service are forcing Donnelley to think that way.

Read more over at the Dead Tree Edition…


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