The P.S. You Should Include in Print Requests

Margie Dana is a wonderful resource for printers and print buyers alike. For those of you who have never heard of Dana, she provides incredible content on her self-titled website with a mission to “help clients build customer communities through carefully crafted content.”

Earlier this week, Dana shared a great tip that we wanted to pass along…even if you are the most brilliant print buyer to walk the planet, you should still be adding the following statement to the bottom of your estimate requests:

“If you know a better way to produce this job, please share your ideas with me.”

It doesn’t make you any less of an extraordinary print buyer to show you’re open to hearing new ideas on how you can improve your projects. You might already have the job spec’d the best possible way, but what if you didn’t? Opening up to your print provider and hearing about the different options you might have to a) run the job more efficiently or b) still get the look you’re after just on a slightly more economical sheet. You don’t have to take the ideas and run with them, but it doesn’t hurt to listen to what they might suggest.

Dana put together a great list of additional items you might hear when you ask for your printer’s input. Check it out at the link below.

The “PS” Every Customer Should Add When Getting a Printer’s Estimate


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