Packaging files in InDesign

Preparing files for your printer is a critical part of the printing process. Making sure all fonts and all images are there is imperative. Adobe InDesign has a very helpful tool when trying to package everything together to send off for printing.

With your file open in InDesign, simply go to File > Package.
In the pop-up window, it will give you a summary of your file’s information on images – used, missing, modified but not updated and if they use the RGB color space. It will also let you know about any missing fonts you may have. As you can see in the above image, a warning triangle will pop-up if something is not ready for press production. In this case, I would back out, convert all the images to CMYK, update images, and try to package again.

Once you are ready to package, click the “Package” button > a pop-up will tell you that the publication must be saved to continue > click “Save”. A screen will pop up for you to input any printing instructions you may have and your information to stay with the file. Personally, I feel it is absolutely vital to VERBALLY communicate any instructions you have with your customer service representative. Once you have input your information and instructions, go ahead and click “Continue”.

A pop-up will ask you where you want to save your packaged file. Pick your destination and name the folder. Make sure that “Copy Fonts”, “Copy Linked Graphics” and “Update Graphic Links in Package” are all checked before clicking “Package”. After clicking “Package” a final pop-up will show up warning you about copyright infringement on fonts. Click “OK” and your folder will be made at the designated destination.

And just like that, all of the essential files we need are all wrapped up in a pretty little package!


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