USPS’s Upcoming Promo: Personalize & Save!

The United States Postal Service certainly understands the value of leveraging the power of the direct mail piece to drive digital interactions. Throughout the last few years it has rewarded businesses who utilize direct mail with mobile technologies and provided a postage discount to those who have sent out qualifying mailers. Starting Saturday, March 15, businesses can register to save on targeted messaging with dynamic content relevant to specific consumers’ wants and needs.

Not only is this going to open the door for your business to save 2% on the postage of mailing personalized mailers, utilizing variable data printing alongside personalized URLs creates an experience that is proven to boost your response rates and profitability.

What’s more? Pairing your printed collateral with a cross-channel personalized website allows you to create a cohesive campaign, that hits your audience where they want it. Personalizing not only the salutation, but images, copy and more, creates an experience that leaves a lasting impression with your audience and provides your team with incredible insights on what matters most to your audience. Tracking this engagement, and triggering further communications based on activity/inactivity, makes all the more impact down the line as you begin to shape future campaign touch points.

Interested in learning how to track your campaign’s activity from when your printed mail-piece hits the consumer’s mailbox, to when they engage and respond to your personalized online experience in a single dashboard? Send us a note, and we’d would love to share with you how our 360 marketing solution can help you achieve your goals and provide guidance for future campaigns.

The USPS Mail & Digital Personalization Program Information

Registration Period: March 15 through June 30, 2014
Program Period: May 1 through June 30, 2014
Discount Amount: 2 percent of eligible postage. The discount is calculated in PostalOne!® and applied to the postage statement at the time of mailing. The discount is deducted from the postage amounts of qualifying product categories that are paid at the time of mailing. Normal postage prices listed in the published Price List (Notice 123) apply to the mailing and the discount is applied to those prices.
Eligible Mail Classes: First-Class Mail® Presort, and Automation letters, cards, and flats (Residual pieces paying single-piece price that are part of an automation mailing may also qualify for the discount), Standard Mail® letters and flats, Nonprofit Standard Mail letters and flats
Ineligible Mail: Periodicals (includes Pending Periodicals mail), Bound Printed Matter, Media Mail®, First-Class Mail and Standard Mail parcels, International Mail

Here’s a list of all of 2014’s USPS promotions and incentives programs2014_usps_promo_calendar_501313


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