Employee of the Month: Vicki Sterrett

Congrats on winning October's Employee of the Month, Vicki!  We appreciate everything you do!

Congrats on winning October’s Employee of the Month, Vicki! We appreciate everything you do!

Another month is in the books, and we here at Metropolitan would like to take a moment to shine a light on the October Employee of the Month, our beloved receptionist Vicki Sterrett.  Vicki recently celebrated her sixteenth anniversary with Metropolitan, and during that time her smiling face, friendly voice, and conscientious attitude have served as a wonderful welcome into Metropolitan’s customer focused, results driven environment.

Outside of work, Vicki loves spending time with her family enjoying all the natural beauty that southern Indiana has to offer.  An avid fisherwoman, Vicki and her husband Al can often be found sitting on Lake Monroe’s peaceful shores, watching the sun dip below the horizon and waiting to see who snags the next big catch.

Whether visiting local orchards and community festivals with her four grandchildren (Bailey- 11, Trinity-7, Shayla-9, & Brayln- 6), or simply soaking in Indiana’s magnificent fall foliage with a serene walk through one of our many local parks, Bloomington provides Vicki many opportunities to experience the great outdoors.

When asked what she most enjoys about working at Metropolitan, Vicki, like many others, cites her fellow coworkers and the familial, collaborative atmosphere that surrounds our work at Metropolitan.

“I appreciate that we all work together, and we’re a family oriented company.  We all chip in and do our part to make sure everything runs smoothly and our customers’ needs are met.”

Its people like Vicki – detailed, warm-hearted, and always ready with a smile and a laugh – who make Metro a home away from home, and such a special place to work.

Congratulations for winning the October Employee of the Month, Vicki!  We appreciate all that you do and your years of hard work and dedication!


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