Wishing you a happy Internet Day!

Forty-four years ago today, the first electronic message was transferred from one computer to another by a UCLA student, Charley Kline. Let’s not bring attention to the fact the message, comprised of the word “login”, failed after the initial transmission passed the ‘l’ and the ‘o’.

The internet has now evolved to be an integral part into how business and marketers are functioning and reaching their audience. Here at Metropolitan, it’s no different. Without the internet – we would not be able to process artwork for output and production – well, without reverting our systems back a few years. We also wouldn’t be able to help our clients streamline procurement processes, connect in meaningful dialogue with their audiences, or maximize their return on investment. So to celebrate, here are just three of the ways we’re using the internet to benefit our clients.

1. Streamline procurement processes – Print on Demand & Fulfillment
Managing print collateral can become overwhelming, especially if your product has a national reach. With our Streamline solution, we offer our clients the ease and convenience of an online shopping experience to manage inventories, reduce obsolescence and provide consistent brand messaging across several different campuses. The flexibility in control, paired with the tracking and report-ability of user activity, is allowing our customers to make sense of every marketing dollar.

2. Lower shipping expenses – Distribute then print
With our 70+ sister companies, we utilize the internet to transfer files across the country and world to produce goods as close to their end destination as possible. Freight costs can quickly add up over time, and we work to minimize the impact shipping has on your bottom line by determining the best possible means of production and distribution.

3. Connect in meaningful dialogue – Integrated Marketing
Whether you’ve been tracking your audience for years or are just now wanting to dive into collecting data, Metropolitan can help. With our Connect integrated marketing solution, we offer our clients the opportunity to create the ultimate consumer journey by bringing function to the data they collect.
In today’s world, there are so many channels to reach our audience, and capturing their attention can become very challenging. We work with our clients to develop a well-balanced communication stream in order to maximize the effectiveness of each campaign. Tactics include personalized direct marketing messages, as well as personalized web interfaces combined with analytic insights into individual and overall campaign interactions.

Here at Metropolitan, we recognize the value of technology and provide our clients with the solutions to solve the challenges their businesses are facing.

How are you using the internet to connect with people or positively impact your business?


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