Employee of the Month: Dean Davidson

As September comes to a close, everyone at Metropolitan would like to take a moment to recognize Dean Davidson as our employee of the month.  Having worked at Metropolitan for over 25 years (Nov. 24 will mark his 27th year with the company), Dean has worked in nearly all aspects of production, though he now spends the majority of his time operating our Heidelberg Stahlfolder.

Dean manning his Stahlfolder, as captured by Lee Freeman.

Dean manning his Stahlfolder, as captured by Lee Freeman.

When he is not adjusting his equipment in order to ensure each job is properly folded to specifications, Dean enjoys spending his time outdoors.  “I can’t get to the mountains often enough,” he says with a laugh, referring to two of his favorite places on Earth – The Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park. His love of nature is often reflected in one of his other passions; photography.  It’s been nearly 25 years since Dean began taking photography seriously, and his beautiful and serene shots of our natural world can be seen adorning the halls of Metropolitan, as well as within our company calendar.

If his camera lens isn’t focusing on an expansive, rolling Indiana landscape, you’ll likely find him volunteering with his church, or spending time with his son Jean-Paul, six grandkids, and two great-grandchildren, who surely keep him plenty busy!

Over his 25+ years in the printing industry, Dean has seen people, equipment, and technologies come and go, and he offers up this piece of advice to both individuals newly entering the professional workforce, as well as seasoned employees:

“Learn to respect the authority of those in positions above you, and strive to be able to see how you fit within the bigger picture.”

Great advice, Dean!  Everyone at Metropolitan would like to warmly thank you for your years of hard work and dedication!


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