Three Reasons Calendars Should be in Your Marketing Mix

An inspired calendar design by Pantone.

An inspired calendar design by Pantone.

With September already half over, and the holidays and New Year right around the corner, we thought it would be a good time to examine some of the benefits of a simple, yet often overlooked, marketing/advertising tool:  the personalized desk or wall calendar.  Here are three reasons why your company should get a leg up on the competition and start planning your promotional 2014 calendar.

  1. They are Useful – With the ever increasing amount of stuff that people have to keep track of – important work deadlines, business and family events, birthdays, etc. – an effectively designed wall/desk calendar serves as a great way for busy individuals to easily organize their professional and personal lives.  The functionality of a well-designed and professionally printed calendar ensures that those who receive one will use it nearly every day of the year, so aim to create something that will resonate with your customers and feel at home hanging on their wall.

    Though not the most functional, this awesome lion calendar was one of the most unique designs we've seen.

    Though not the most functional, this awesome lion calendar was one of the most unique designs we’ve seen, and something I wouldn’t mind hanging up on my wall at home.

  2. Great Way to Connect – The promotional possibilities that a personalized calendar presents are nearly limitless.  Besides the basics of placing your company’s contact information, specials and discounts, etc., throughout the calendar, the pages serve as an excellent way to feature unique products that your company offers, or exciting developments that customers should look towards in the future.  By tailoring the calendars to your audience, you are able to offer personalized discounts and coupons that correspond with holidays, seasons, or what you know to be their needs.  Also, filling the pages of your calendar with eye-catching photos (of your offerings, or even employees, office, etc.) offers customers a glimpse into your business, and may help build loyalty and create more of a personal relationship between you and your clients.
  3. Cost Effective Marketing Tool – Though some business owners may balk at what they consider to be a steep initial investment, calendars are extremely cost effective advertising tools.  The price to design/print a professional and unique piece may seem high at first, however when you think about the vast potential audience that your piece could reach, the benefits begin to shine through.  Your customers will be reminded of your message every day of the week.  Though they may not have a need for your services now, being aware of your company’s offerings every time they look at their calendar allows for customers to easily remember you when they do need something.  The increased awareness of the great work that your company does also allows customers to easily refer your services to others.  With an increase in name recognition, your customers, as well as those who visit their offices, will become more likely to associate your company as the place to purchase their printing, or musical instruments, or whatever the case may be.

When faced with a challenge as complex and evolving as retaining and growing one’s customer base within an increasingly competitive marketplace, too often businesses will swing for the fences and aim for homerun marketing solutions, when many times they should be simply trying to string together a few base hits.  Sinking thousands of dollars into television or radio advertising, or investing heavily in market research analysis and strategy, may produce equally substantial results.   However, many small business owners do not have the resources required to deploy elaborate marketing/advertising campaigns and are unsure of effective tools they can harness to help build their business.

Homer peeks out in this beautifully designed calendar by Pantone.

Homer peeks out in this beautifully designed calendar by Pantone.

A personalized wall or desk calendar is a fun and creative way to offer your customers something they will appreciate, value, and use, all while subtly promoting all the wonderful offerings of your company.

Check out these awesome and unique calendars for some inspiration:


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