Leadership Development takes over San Antonio

Last week, all Consolidated Graphics’ Leadership Development Program (LDP) associates headed to San Antonio to network and learn about all that Consolidated Graphics (CGX) has to offer not just for our customers, but for their personal careers as well.

Our newest associate, Matt Boat, spent Tuesday through Thursday at his First Year Initiative where he learned all about the opportunities he has available to him from attending the TSSG boot camp to learn more about our technology solutions, to participating in the Aspire sales training program to hit the ground running upon LDP graduation.

The National Associate’s Meeting (NAM) kicked off with the Shareholder’s meeting Thursday evening and an overview of the current state of the corporation.

NAM attendees, including our second year associate Danielle Riendeau, graduate associate Christine Alexander and president Mark Leggio, were treated to a thrilling keynote presentation by Sappi’s Daniel Dejan to kick the day off Friday morning. Dejan’s presentation centered around Sappi’s latest publication, Print & that initiated as a research project to study the return on investment of the printed piece. Technology paired with the tactile and interactive printed piece can create an experience that brings your brand to life and leaves a deeper emotional connection with your audience. Dejan ended his presentation with a very powerful and creatively written video about the future of publishing.

Picture 5

Metropolitan associates present their company improvement plan at CGX NAM

Throughout the rest of the day, associates were busy presenting their Company Improvement Plan (CIP) projects they spent all year implementing at their operating company. It is amazing to see the impact LDPers can have during the first one to three years of their careers. From creating workflow efficiencies and increasing productivity, to harvesting meaningful relationships and driving sales, our LDP associates are making an incredible impact on their company’s bottom-line.

CGX emerge crowd favorite, Noha Edell from Adobe, rounded out the day discussing how she found success while overcoming adversity. Edell shared her awe-inspiring life’s journey including stories from her childhood in Lebanon, her migration to America, and her life as a wife and mother. Edell’s speech elicited NAM’s first-ever standing ovation to conclude the days events and left the associates feeling inspired.

On Saturday, associates spent the day attending breakouts covering a wide range of topics – including print and packaging solutions to accounting and human resources. As CEO Joe Davis expressed at the beginning of the Shareholder’s meeting on Thursday evening, the LDP stayed true to its commitment of educating and developing associates into strong industry leaders by providing them with the tools they needed to return to their operating companies energized and ready to make a difference.

To close out the event, the LDP invited Bill Farquharson to share his advice on how associates could return home and participate in small daily events to ensure them a career full of success. His tips included ending each and every day with tomorrow’s to-do list, always continuing to learn and taking the initiative to make something happen. Pairing Bill’s message with the knowledge obtained throughout the long weekend, associates were motivated and inspired to depart San Antonio and challenge the status quo back at the operating companies.

A HUGE thank you goes out to the LDP team for hosting a top-notch event. Kudos!


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