Metropolitan Loves Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Here at Metropolitan we are committed to the environment, and we hope you will join us. There are many misconceptions about the print and paper industry when it comes to sustainability, but we’re here to prove those wrong! Read below to see all the ways that Metropolitan is going green.

Forest Stewardship Council
Our company (and RR Donnelley as a whole) is FSC & SFI Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council & Sustainable Forestry Initiative. With these certifications, we can make sure that your print job is produced in an environmentally-responsible manner, by tracking the paper all the way from the forest to our press. These print jobs have a FSC logo printed on the back, so that you know your product is environmentally-friendly.

FSC Certified paper comes from responsibly managed forests, and the majority of FSC papers include post-consumer waste (recycled) content. All of our offset house paper stocks are FSC Certified. Ask your sales rep about making your next job Certified.

Production Recycling
In addition to purchasing FSC Certified paper, we recycle virtually all of our waste paper, aluminum, and cardboard used in production. These recycled items contribute to the production of paper towels, toilet paper, cardboard, chipboard, wallboard, and raw aluminum stock.

Front Office Recycling
In the summer of 2011 we implemented a front office recycling program to complement our production recycling, and we became members of the Green Business Network through Monroe County Solid Waste Management. Since this program was started, we have recycled an estimated 1,000 cubic feet of plastic, paper, aluminum, and cardboard. So that’s about 160 kiddie pools full of waste that will be repurposed into new materials rather than heading to a landfill.

Low VOC Inks
At Metropolitan, we are committed to using soy & vegetable-based, Low VOC inks. VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, evaporate into the atmosphere to create smog and other air pollution problems for our community. Using these Low VOC inks takes a traditionally non-planet-friendly process and makes it environmentally-responsible.

Green Facts

  • 4,000,000 trees are planted daily in the US, 1.7 million by the wood and paper industries. -USDA Forest Service
  • Going Green does not always mean going electronic: 57% of paper consumed in the US was recovered for recycling in 2008. Only 18% of the 3,000,000 tons of electronic waste in the US is recycled. -US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Burning 10,000 tons of waste creates 1 job. Landfilling 10,000 tons of waste creates 6 jobs. Recycling 10,000 tons of waste creates 36 jobs.

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