No More CMYK… RGB Inks Bring Printing Back to Life

All across the world there is a firmly held believe that the print industry is dying, due to the ever-growing Digital Age. It is true that at Metropolitan we have seen a decline in print work, since people “prefer looking at screens these days.” Metropolitan isn’t content to settle, and give up our first passion to iPads and Kindles, so instead we are welcoming the Digital Age, and adapting to it.

Those familiar with print will know that traditional printing is made up of the four process colors: CMYK, or cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. The colors that you see on a computer or smartphone screen are made up of three different colors: RGB, or red, green, and blue.

In a revolutionary new process, Metropolitan will be adapting this screen color mode for print. If people like looking at screens so much, we’ll just give them screen color on paper! Over the past few weeks, we have tested the new red, green, and blue inks in place of CMYK on the 40″ offset press, and they have performed spectacularly.

RGB inks replace the traditional CMYK on Metropolitan's main press.

RGB inks replace the traditional CMYK on Metropolitan’s main press.

In several focus groups surrounding this new process, consumers claimed “they’d never seen anything like it on paper,” and it was “just like they were looking at their BlackBerry!”

Metropolitan’s president, Mark Leggio, stands 100% behind this brand new process.

“I think what we’re doing here is going to bring the print industry back to life. As far as I know, we are the first printer in the world to switch out all of their CMYK inks for RGB inks, so this is pretty big,” Leggio said, in an interview with Printing Impressions magazine. “I can’t wait for other print companies to follow our example.”

Samples of RGB printed pieces have been sent to all of our customers, and Metropolitan’s sales team is eagerly waiting for the phone to ring. “We just know that our clients will love this new process. This demonstrates to them how technologically-advanced we are, and that we’re no longer just another boring CMYK Print Shop,” said Sales Rep Christine Alexander.

The entire team here at Metropolitan is confident that these new RGB inks will be a huge success, and looks forward to the influx of work we are sure to see in the next couple weeks.

Towards the end of the Printing Impressions interview, Leggio gave a hint about the next big change at Metropolitan. “We can’t say too much yet since we are still testing, but I will tell you that we are also working on changing the resolution of all our printed work from 300 dpi to 72 dpi, to enhance the feeling of looking at a screen and not paper. People just love their pixels! This all is very exciting, and will bring us right to the top of technologically-advanced companies!”
Happy April Fool’s Day from your print-loving friends at Metropolitan!


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