Using Vine to Creatively Market Your Brand

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be another social media platform that could be deemed useful, Twitter  goes and releases Vine ,  a smartphone app that allows you to take videos that play in a continuous loop. There are a couple of competitors that already exist – Viddy and Tout.

This clever little video platform allows you to create short (like 6 seconds short) videos and broadcast them on the Vine social network, as well as Facebook and Twitter. The videos can be continuous flow, or stop action – which we feel is incredibly creative and fun! With the shortness of your video – you are challenged to create a powerful message that is memorable, but brief.


Within seconds of launching the app for the first time, we were brainstorming ways to incorporate it into our own social scheme. Much like Twitter, it uses hashtags to help sort through the chaos of all the uploads that are available. We decided to bring the printing experience to our fans with our first vine. (check it out here)

The process is simple – you click the video recorder in the upper right corner and you can tap and hold for 6 seconds straight, or spread your taps out to create a stop-action sequence. Much like the Instagram for videos, you can seek out and follow those who’s videos you like most, not to mention like and comment on the videos you are a fan of. Being a Twitter application, there is a 140 character limit.

Why should brands consider investing energy in the medium?

  • Production Vines: Your team is working hard for your consumers, show them off! Capture the production line in progress.
  • Employee Spotlights: Celebrate your team and the individuals that work hardest. Or even announce their birthdays! Your audience can appreciate the human factor.
  • Educational/How-to Vines: Break down the process to use your product. Capture the steps in a millisecond or so each.
  • In retail? Create a short “runway” Vine debuting the latest fashion or product release.
  • Have fans create their own Vines and share them with a special hashtag.
  • Bring the experience to your audience: If they can’t be there with you, show them what they’re missing out on. (Tradeshows, Educational Seminars, New Store Opening – behind the scenes)
  • Create a Recipe Vine: Show how to make a favorite recipe using or paired with your product.
  • Create a Greeting Card Vine: Share an inspirational message or send your wishes along for the upcoming holiday.
  • Launch and new product or service: explain your new product in six seconds. This will force you to communicate the key features and not all the hoopla.

What do you think? How would you use the creative outlet to market your brand? Better yet – do you think it’s just a fad?


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