Dennis Yates Retired!

At the end of July, one of Metropolitan’s fine salesmen decided to retire. Dennis Yates, who had been a salesman at Metropolitan for over 10 years, chose to retire because, “it was just time.” Now that he has some spare time, he’s planning on working around the house, fishing, and more golfing.

Dennis says he’ll miss his coworkers and his customers, but he’s looking forward to the “freedom to pick and choose how to spend [his] time.”

Dennis was a pleasure to work with and he will be missed. You’re always welcome back at Metro, Dennis!

Dennis’s note- “I was sincerely touched by the luncheon in my honor. I couldn’t say much because of the lump in my throat. The Colts gifts were perfect and the Power Point show was hilarious. The whole experience was way more than I expected. I can’t thank the Metro folks and Mark enough! I am also grateful for the customers’ responses and well wishes on facebook, personal calls and emails. I had a great career and look forward to a great retirement.”

Debbie Purcell says- “What I’ll miss about Dennis the most is how detailed he is.  I never had any questions when he gave me a new job to start…And he was a good communicator. He always kept me in ‘loop.’ Sales reps are the faces of our company… They are not selling just printing, they are selling Metropolitan.  I think Dennis was a great first impression to any potential customer.  He was reliable, dependable, professional, someone customers could trust their jobs with.  He also would go out of his way to help with hot jobs. If he needed to run down from Indy two or three times in a day he would, if that’s what it took. You just have to respect someone like that.  Dennis is just an all around good guy. It’s tough losing someone like that who is just so easy to work with.”

Mark Leggio says – “I will miss Dennis’s sense of direction.  Whenever I needed to get around Indy, I didn’t use my GPS, I called Dennis and he always got me where I needed to be (except for one time).  Seriously… Dennis was a pleasure to work with.  He was always prepared, well organized, and timely.”


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