Okay, so now you’re ready to print a job. What to do next?

1.  Give your job information to your Sales Representative or to a Customer Service Representative.
a.  Include:
i.  Title of the job
ii.  Job quantity
iii.  Delivery date
iv.  Colors included in the job
v.  If the job bleeds or not
vi.  Final size of the job
1.  Flat size AND folded size if applicable
vii.  Paper stock (weight, brand, finish)
viii.  Number of pages, if applicable
ix.  How you want the job packaged, boxed, etc.
x.  Where your file is located (ftp, etc.)
xi.  Name of your file
xii.  What kind of proof you’d like to see
xiii.  Any specialty services included in the job
1.  Die cutting, special binding, embossing, etc.
xiv.  How many samples you would like, if any
xv.  Where you would like the samples sent
xvi.  Any specialty finishing included in the job
1.  Shrink wrapping, stitching, etc.
xvii.  Where you want the job shipped to
2.  Package your InDesign files. This ensures that all of your fonts and images are provided for us.  (File > Package)
3.  Zip/Compress all your files. (Right click on the file > Zip/Compress)
4.  Send in your files.
a.  HOSTNAME: ftp.metropolitanprinting.com
b.  USERNAME: metro      PASSWORD: metro
5.  Email the file name to your Customer Service Representative.
a.  Danielle Riendeau – driendeau@metropolitanprinting.com
b.  Stephanie Young – syoung@metropolitanprinting.com
c.  Debbie Purcell – dpurcell@metropolitanprinting.com


PROOF IT (A Guide to Proofing Types)

Laser: a helpful piece for you to send us; even something as simple as this laser-printed piece can help us ensure that the layout and typesetting is correct.
Dylux: a folded-up proof to show page positioning; not color accurate.
PDF: another helpful piece for you to send to us to check the layout; this file format allows you to send us a digital version of your piece.
Matchprint: a color-accurate proof; represents the true colors of what your piece will look like on press.


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