Employee Spotlight: Ryan Provines

Anyone who has ever worked with Ryan can attest to his infectious positive attitude. Ryan sincerely cares about his coworkers and his customers. It’s this kind of attitude that has led to Ryan’s success as a Sales Representative.
The 3 years that Ryan has spent working at Metropolitan have taught him a thing or two. One of the biggest lessons he’s learned has been that “every job, regardless of dollar amount or complexity, demands the same level of care and commitment.”
If you need to know anything about Bloomington, Ryan probably has the answer considering he’s lived here his whole life. (He was even born in Bloomington Hospital!) He now resides in the Bloomington area with his wife (Becky), 3 kids, and a cat. You might be surprised to find out that the head of the household is actually the cat, according to Ryan.
Metropolitan considers Ryan one of the office jokesters. If a plastic snake “accidentally” happens to be in your desk drawer, the chances of Ryan having something to do with the prank are pretty high. Ryan not only knows how important it is to work hard, but also to have a good time. “…We have a TON of fun around here…Yes; we work our tails off but manage to squeeze in a few laughs along the way.”
Ryan finds that the best part of being a Sales Representative is the fact that he has been able to build withstanding relationships. “It is very rewarding for me to have clients think of me as a trusted member of their team and not just another ‘order taker.’”
With people like Ryan at Metro, it’s no wonder we get stellar customer reviews like the one in this newsletter.


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