Customer Corner

It’s always nice to hear when you have satisfied customers. It’s even nicer when they tell you what you’re doing right. One such customer, Deb Winter from Océ Business Services, Inc. for Carrier Corporation, brightened an employee’s day in March when she boasted about our services.
One would think that Deb would be complimenting the actual products that Metropolitan had produced for her company, but instead, she was complimenting our office staff, specifically our Accounts Receivable Specialist, Monica Nees.
This month marks Monica’s one year anniversary of working at Metropolitan, but she has already created a report for creating stellar invoicing. She is in charge of making daily collection calls, maintaining an accurate aging report, processing and mailing invoices, and other such tasks associated with billing.
Deb asserts that Monica is “…so very patient with [her] in getting all the proper information on Metro’s invoices.” Deb also notes that our A/R Specialist, “…has been very detail oriented!” Monica not only creates “…perfect invoice[s]…”, but she also has excellent customer service skills as well. Deb reinforces this fact saying that Monica is “…a happy voice on the phone, saying whatever you need Deb…”
Deb concluded her email by saying, “YOU ROCK MONICA!” And we couldn’t agree more!


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