Stock Made Simple

Type of Stock Description General Use of the Stock
Cover Heavy in weight, rigid, and not easily folded Publication covers, business cards, postcards
Text Thin, lightweight Publication interiors, sell sheets, letterheads
Uncoated Dull, unreflective surface variable data postcards, letterheads, envelopes, business cards, newsletters, garment tags
Bond High-grade
Felt Rich, velvety surface
Laid Manufactured with textured lines
Linen Fine, regular textured lines
Matte Not supercalendered; high readability
Satin Smooth surface
Smooth/Wove Smooth, even surface
Uncoated Rough surface
Vellum All purpose, subtle roughness
Coated Waxy finish on both sides variable data postcards, calendars, greeting cards, brochures, catalogs, annual reports, promotional posters
Gloss Shiny, reflective finish
Matte Flat, not shiny finish
Silk Low shine, texture between matteand gloss
C1S Coated on on side, dull on the other
Specialty fine art reproductions, awards & certificates, invtations & announcements, personalized greeting cards, point-of-purchase displays, folding cartons

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