Paper Will Never Go Away

                Steve Black, a sales representative for Shaughnessy Kniep Hawe, took the time to answer some questions so we could all be better informed about the paper industry:

                Shaughnessy is a distribution company specifically serving the graphic arts industry. Not surprisingly, some of Shaughnessy’s main clientele are commercial printers, such as Metropolitan. What may be shocking, is that this paper supplier has expanded their range of products from solely paper, to include product for the sign and banner industries, a wider range of substrates for printers, and also packaging materials.

                This distribution company has 15 locations, mostly in the Midwest US. They also have locations in Canada. To become more worldwide, Shaughnessy is a member of Netprint, a national organization of distributers. Netprint allows Shaughnessy to reach European countries and have a larger North American reach as well.

                Steve states that one of the hardest parts about his job in the paper industry is overcoming the myths. “Paper will never go away, it’s just a matter of educating people about the truth in hopes of dispelling paper myths.”

                What’s going on in the paper industry now? Steve says that “paper sales are relatively flat.” More companies are using digital equipment and smaller offices are using their personal printers for their printing needs. Because of the shift to digital processes, there have been more synthetic substrates developed.  What’s predicted to happen in the future? Although the paper industry will continue to adjust due to the technology gains, it will remain a prominent industry.


FUN FACT:  The most popular stock that Shaughnessy supplies is 25×38 80# Boydun Gloss Text. 



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