Fun Paper Facts

  • Fort Wayne City Council members received iPads at the end of September to decrease their paper usage. (Estimated $10,000 in annual savings!)
  • China was the first country to make paper by hand.
  • The wasps were actually the first creatures to generate paper. 
  • The largest (normal) log of paper can contain 46 miles of paper!
  • An average-sized papermaking plant can ship 1,000 tons of paper a day. (That’s about 50 logs!)
  • Paper companies, such as XPEDX, are challenging young students to think of new ideas to help their campuses become more sustainable!
  • Most types of paper reflect 60-90% of light.
  • The two countries who produce the largest amount of paper are the United States and Canada.
  • Paper is easier to fold, bend, or tear, if you do this along the same direction of the fibers.
  • Every five minutes, the Earth produces enough paper waste to completely encase the Netherlands!

Did you know…

  • There’s a brand of paper that’s waterproof?  YUPO creates ultra-durable paper that is often used in the military.

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