Metropolitan Trimdown Challenge

Registration for the Trimdown Challenge is now open! Visit to register.
We all have the same New Year’s Resolution: get fit, get healthy, lose weight. But by February, we’ve already forgotten our plan.
For 2012, Metropolitan Printing Service is here to help you stay on track. Enter the Trimdown Challenge and keep track of your weight over three months (just in time for Spring Break), while learning helpful tips to keep you healthy. The challenge will officially kickoff on January 9th, and it is completely FREE to participate.
Lose the post-its, because we’ll remind you to update your weight at the end of every week, and we’ll store the information electronically and confidentially.
On March 31 we will evaluate the stats, and award a massage (from a spa near you) to the person whose weight decreased by the largest percentage!
Registration opens on December 5. Look for tweets and facebook posts next week linking to the registration page!

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