Metropolitan Gives Thanks

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so before we’re all befuddled by massive amounts of food, friends, family and football, we would like to list the wonderful things we’re thankful for here at Metropolitan Printing Service.

Our wonderful, talented employees that make up our crazy, close-knit family, where everyone has your back and never hesitates to help out where needed.

Our customers and the relationships we’ve built with them; who we think of as partners, and friends.

The regular pranks and jokes, that keep us all on our toes and laughing even on the most stressful of days (but watch out for that hole in your Coke can).

Our vendors, who never cease to amaze us with their quality of work, efficiency, and helpfulness.

Family and friends, who continue to support us regardless of ever-changing schedules, long hours, and the stress that comes with working in printing.


The morning doughnuts and potluck meals that give us a sugar rush or leave us full and nodding off at our desks.

The creativity, ideas, and innovation that flow around here on a daily basis, that keep us inspired and motivated.

The fact that we have remained afloat in this challenging economy, and still have a place to be from 8-5 (plus or minus several hours).

Can we say ‘coffee’ again?

Happy Thanksgiving from the Metropolitan Team!


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