What does G7 do for your business?

G7 is a methodology based on achieving gray balance and is key to achieving consistent color across your entire campaign. G7  has enabled us to ensure your color quality is constant throughout the entire printing process across all substrates. To maintain this kind of consistency, Metropolitan is committed to renewing their G7 Master Printer status every year.
Because of our G7 standard of printing, Metropolitan is able to print your jobs at a lower cost and eliminate waste. This is due to the fact that G7 allows us to produce proofs with less color variation, which in turn allows us to begin printing immediately after your approval. The calibration with our printing press also cuts back the amount of make ready required to achieve optimal color, in turn saving you money.
Another positive aspect of G7 color management is the control it allows our prepress department to have over your color output. Color variation can be caught and corrected more easily and quickly in prepress. G7 is unique because it relies more on a “neutral print (gray) density curve as opposed to tonal value increase (dotgain) for tonal reproduction” (according to Consolidated Graphics’ website).


WHO uses G7?
47 of CGX’s 70 companies are G7certified. and this number is continually growing!

WHAT is G7?
A color calibration method to help printers recreate consistent color with less waste.
WHEN is G7 not useful?
Unless you want colors that are not identical, G7 is always useful.
WHERE is G7 used in the printing process?
Throughout the entire process!
To improve color consistency throughout the printing process.
HOW can you get G7 quality color?
It’s automatic! Since we know how important consistent color is, we use G7 standards automatically.


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