The MetroGREEN update

Since our last update, the office recycling program has taken off with full force! In the last 3 months, we have added 90 cubic feet of recycling to our efforts, which is a massive amount of waste that would have previously ended up in a landfill. Not included in this number are the 19 toner cartridges from the digital press, 8 cartridges from the proofing printer, and the approximate 35 cubic feet of polywrap, all of which are now recycled.
Our green efforts don’t stop here; for the near future we plan to begin offsetting 100% of our electricity usage with renewable  windpower. The amount of power we use will be offset with Renewable Energy Credits, guaranteeing that an equal amount of windpower will be inserted into the grid to completely offset our energy use. We are also eagerly awaiting the response from a Sustainability Grant  Application with the City of Bloomington. Pending the approval of our application, we will use the grant money to complete four sustainability projects: a green business card contest for local businesses, a custom bike rack that will be a functional piece of art along the B-Line Trail, an energy efficient lighting upgrade for our office, and an urban garden outside of our building.
Look forward to our next “Green Metro” update, and follow us on twitter to see more progress updates!


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