MPS Employee Spotlight: Tony Davidson

This month, Tony Davidson is celebrating his 42nd anniversary with Metropolitan Printing Service!  Throughout Tony’s 42 years here, the best part for him has been the constant learning. Even after so many years here, there’s still more knowledge to acquire! Tony has stayed with  Metropolitan because he enjoys it – the work and the people. Some advice he would give new employees, and which applies to new employees across the job market, is to be ready for the long haul. Find the part you like about your job, and be good at that.

Tony and his wife, Diana, have 3 daughters and 6 grandkids! One of his favorite hobbies is to run around with his grandkids. Another one of Tony’s hobbies is to travel when he has the time. Back in the 7th grade, Tony used to put up hay for his friend’s dad. He liked this job  because you got to work at your own pace.
Thanks for all of your dedicated work, Tony!


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