Fast Color Facts

  •  COLOR VARIATION is one of the top reasons why customers demand reprints.
  •  47 OF THE 70 CGX companies are G7 certified.
  • CONSOLIDATED GRAPHICS, INC. has the most G7 Master Printer companies in the world – enabling us to trust something printed with a certified sister company with little to no color variation to help you acheive a more consistent campaign.
  • THE “G” IN G7 stands for “Gray.” The “7”refers to the 7 ISO primary ink colors that the technique involves.
  • THE 7 ISO primary colors are: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (K), Red (M&Y), Green (C&Y), and Blue (C&M).
  • BOTH “GRAY” AND “GREY” arecorrect spellings of the color.
  • GRAY IS ACHROMATIC, which means it has no hue.

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