Shrink Wrapper

The new high speed shrink wrapper is in!  Metropolitan narrowly escaped demolition of a couple walls in order to get it in place, but the sacrifice was well worth it!  This versatile piece of equipment consists of three main parts, the Modular Gripper Infeed System, the Universa 700 NT, and the Compact 650 S.  The infeed system is ideal for feeding books, brochures, magazines, software boxes, CD’s and similar items.  The Universa has an automatic side seal that allows for complete overwrapping with shrink film.

The parameters of the job can be entered in the machine and stored electronically, with the capability of storing up to 250 custom settings.  The control panel allows for adjustments to be made on screen, and will help streamline from one job to the next.  Once a job passes through the Universa, it will go into the shrink tunnel which by applying heat will securely wrap the piece to its finished state.  The Compact 650 S utilizes patented heating technology to apply even heat throughout the whole tunnel, and also helps reduce the amount of energy consumed by running at a lower consumption level when the project allows.  I think I speak for all of us when I say we are very excited to see the new shrink wrapper in action.


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