MPS Employee Spotlight: Lonnie Resler

After being in the print industry for 35 years, which includes a few years running his own print shop and 18 years working at Metropolitan, I would say Lonnie knows a thing or two about printing.  The first machine Lonnie used at Metropolitan, and one he still uses frequently today, is the stitcher.  Lonnie has also been working with the die cutter since its inception into the Metropolitan family a year and a half ago.  This custom cut machine, that is often utilized on projects such as pocket folders, is Lonnie’s favorite.

Many things have kept Lonnie here at Metropolitan over the years.  He enjoys his job and he likes his coworkers. Lonnie also appreciates the camaraderie at Metropolitan.  “Where else are you going to find a company that remembers everybody’s birthdays?” In his free time, Lonnie enjoys fishing with his wife, Kathy.  He also loves the band Metallica. Lonnie’s advice for new employees:  Be dependable and have the initiative to do tasks without having to be asked.


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