QRazyQuick Response (QR) codes are popping up everywhere! In stores, in your mailbox, and even on the television. These square barcodes allow a user to quickly access its content by using a smartphone or barcode scanner. Android phones come preinstalled with “Barcode Scanner” for your convenience, but other phones need to have an application downloaded (I-nigma for the iPhone and Scan Life for the Blackberry).

Try these free apps to download to read QR Codes:
iPhone: BeeTagg, NeoReader, Barcode, ScanLife
Android: BeeTagg, Barcode Scanner, Shop Savvy, ScanLife, QuickMark
Blackberry: BeeTagg, ScanLife, QR Code Scanner Pro
Windows Phone 7: BeeTagg, QR Reader, NeoReader

Integrating QR codes into your marketing campaign will enable you to touch the customer instaneously. From websites to videos to vCard contact information to text – the possibilities with these two-dimensional barcodes is endless! Here are a few cool ideas that we have seen QR codes used in conjunction with printed pieces!

1.      Add to the back of your business card- it can contain a vCard with all of your contact information or lead your clients to your website!

2.      Selling your house? Add a QR card that displays a map to your location!

3.      Wine Bottles – add a video of the grapes being harvested or which cheese you suggest pairing with each wine.

4.      Have a product that needs installed or assembled? Put a QR code on the packaging that links to a video of someone doing it! Help sell the product, help with the install, help reduce call center calls, and help reduce returns!

5.      Going to a trade show? Add a QR code to your name tags so attendees can quickly exchange contact information!

6.      Work in a museum? Add QR codes below your artwork to provide audio content to go along with each exhibit.

7.      Have a mobile app? Use a QR code to direct users to download your app!

8.      Having a event or party? Add a QR code with a link to a page for your attendees to RSVP!

9.      Temporary Tattoos are perfect for QR Codes! Leave ‘em around town to direct people to your website or your business!

10.  Use in conjunction with our CrossMedia Communications! Put the QR code on a postcard or flyer and direct your target audience directly to their PURL via their smartphone.

The possibilities are endless! Have an example of where you’ve used a QR code in your print materials? We’d love to see it! Need more ideas? Contact us at 812.332.7279 or email cflynn@metropolitanprinting.com.


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